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Over the years, consumer electronics equipment has become more and more complicated. The functions that were once performed on the elements Discrete today are carried out by integrated circuits that work specialized control processors.
All the settings of your equipment are stored in a special memory - EEPROM. Various other user settings, such as for example the names of TV programs, the memory contains data service not available for normal user. When data will be lost equipment is not working properly or does not work at all.

We wanted to provide the kind of personnel service support around the world. Dear customers, do not do to our lives more difficult trying to fix your equipment yourself - your repair bills will be lower.

This site is free, but if you use our resources share your collection by adding to the base of ripples which we do not have yet.

Do not upload the data that you found on other sites! we do not want them. We need only the best entries. Just read out memory the equipment that you fixed and just put it in the database.

There is no ratio for upload / download, but there is a download limit per IP - use a database with care. Download what you actually need, not everything in order to increase your collection.

Before you upload the file pack it up.

Please pack all the files that you have for your model in one file - that is, if the program memory is external, and except that there is a memory setting, place these two entries in one file.

The upload form will find a variety of fields - do not worry if you do not know all data equipment, just leave the fields blank.

So what YOU MUST WRITE the manufacturer, model and type of equipment.


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